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Our mission statement

We believe that children learn according to what they see and hear. We believe the most natural and easiest way to learn English  is to immerse  children in an English environment from as little as they can start interacting with each other and their teachers. Daily routines and activities are performed in English as well as all kinds of communication between staff, being written or spoken. To put it blankly, no Spanish is spoken in our school.

Another strong belief of ours is the importance of children being happy doing what they do and using the language to their  best ability. In a nutshell, we do enjoyable activities with no added pressure , letting our pupils be our feedback in improving and learning  allowing us to grow as  better professionals. No exams, no grammar or phonetic teachings hold the base of our lessons. Our classes have to be fun, enjoyable. No homework and no competitions. Everyone learns at their own pace. We use games to teach the vocabulary of the lessons, we play outside and make crafts. We sing and dance everyday.

Our goal is that children get the best level of bilingualism and become proud of what they know.

As a matter of fact, what makes us different from other schools is that whatever they say in Spanish, we translate, even if it is only one word from the sentence they spoke.  By doing this, we increase their range of vocabulary and promote the speaking part of their learning. When we sense that they have a big enough range of vocabulary, we ask them to speak in English, banning the Spanish language from class. We encourage this process by not overcorrecting them, fluency being a treat that encourages them to speak more. As teachers, we have to be self conscious of the importance for the child to speak the language and not only to hear it. This important point makes a huge difference in the children’s level of English. Passion in what we do is paramount in turning our efforts into something easy and enjoyable for not only the children  but for us too.

Description of our premises

We run on 4 floors. The ground floor is used for babies from our nursery to eat lunch and nap and also for our youngest pupils of midday English. Staff lunchroom, changing rooms and staff toilet are also on the ground floor.  The first floor is used for children aged between 2 and 3 in the morning and for children aged between one and three in the afternoon. We also use the first floor for midday classes for children aged between five and seven.There is a big garden on the first floor. On the second floor, you will find the office and the kitchen plus midday Classrooms(Children aged between eight and 12 years old), high school classrooms (children aged between 12 and 16 years old)and evening classrooms(Children aged from 3 to 8 years old). On the third floor, there are two classes where toddlers aged between one and two have their classrooms and garden.Those two classrooms are also used for children between six and eight years old.

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